Amidst the ongoing Russai-Ukarine crisis, the authorities in Ukraine have warned the citizens, to keeps eye for symbols on buildings, that have been spotted on the rooftops of high rises and gas pipes in some cities.The authorities claim that these symbols could make them targets of the Russians.
Stating that this could be the work of “suspicious characters”, who are leaving clues for Russians, presumably for an airstrike, authorities have warned people against symbols that include a bright red X (X-marks-the-spot type) and arrows. Some reports claim that reflective tags have also been found all around Kyiv.
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On a Facebook post last week, the city of Kyiv, appealed to the people who have access to roof to “urgently check” for such symbols.“City authorities are appealing to residents of multi-storey buildings that have access to the roof, asking to urgently check the roofs for the availability of tags.In case any marks are detected – please put them to sleep with the ground or something to cover,” the post read.
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A similar Facebook post was put out by Alexander Tretyak, the mayor of Rivne, a town in western Ukraine, that read, that it is an urgent announcement.He asked the heads of the condominiums to close all attics.“If you or a resident of the house notice tags in the driveway, on the roof, next to the houses of unknown persons – inform law enforcement immediately,” his post read.He also asked people to urgently check their roofs, and in case they find any tags paint them and close access to the roofs.
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Recently, the president Volodymyr Zelenskiy urged the West to consider a no-fly zone for Russian aircraft over Ukraine on Monday after Moscow bombarded the country’s second largest city, drawing new sanctions by the United States and its allies.
Russia faces increasing international isolation over its invasion of Ukraine, and hours of negotiations between the wo sides on Monday failed to reach a breakthrough to halt the fighting.Meanwhile, the Ukraine’s western allies have increased weapons transfers in support, and Britain has called for such transfers to be expanded.
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