Indian officials part of the Indus Water Commission told Pakistan that India’s projects are fully compliant with the  provisions of the Indus Water Treaty (IWT).
The officials also told their Pakistani counterparts that they will continue to give flood data and will also visit the Indus basin after the end of the flood season.
During the Permanent Indus Commission’s 118th meet which ended on Tuesday in New Delhi, India said that it provides information of extraordinary discharges of water from reservoirs and flood flows after Pakistan’s request to provide advance flood information during the forthcoming flood season, people familiar with the developments told news agency PTI.
The delegations led by AK Pal, Indian Commissioner for Indus Waters and Syed Muhammad Mehar Ali Shah, Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters did not hold any technical discussions.
No discussions were also held regarding Pakistan’s objections on the design of Indian hydroelectric projects on Western rivers, the officials mentioned above told PTI.
The Indian delegation assured the counterparts that the projects are in full compliance with provisions of the IWT while adding that it will take note of the suggestion shared by the Pakistani side during the 117th meeting.
They also said that the commissions will frequently interact and resolve issues through bilateral discussions under the Indus Water Treaty.
The IWT signed between India and Pakistan in 1960 designates the waters of the eastern rivers  – Sutlej, Beas and Ravi (totalling  around 33 million acre feet (MAF)) –  for India’s unrestricted use while waters of western rivers – Indus, Jhelum, and Chenab (amounting to around 135 MAF annually) – are assigned to Pakistan.
(with inputs from PTI)
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