It’s that time of the year when several app makers release a list of the most popular trends on their platforms.Whether it’s YouTube Rewind or Google Play’s ‘Best of’ list, these can also be nostalgic in a way as they show what people across the world liked from the start of the year till the end.Spotify is easily one of the most popular music and podcast streaming platforms in the world, with over 300 million monthly active users.The platform has been also releasing its own ‘Wrapped’ list at the end of the year since 2019 that highlights what you listened to on Spotify and gives you a personalised playlist of your top songs, songs you may have missed, and more.
Although we’re yet to see Spotify Wrapped for 2021, you may have already seen memes online from fans who are excited about the annual list.But if you’re unsure what Spotify Wrapped exactly does, here’s what you need to know.
Your top artists and songs: Do you love discovering new artists, or maybe just always go back to your favourite ones whose music fits every emotion of life? Whatever your choice may be, the truth is that the music we listen to is continuously evolving.Your Wrapped will tell you how your taste is changing (or how constant it remains).Any guesses for your top song and artist yet?
What’s your genre: Whether you are a fan of multiple genres of music, or find solace in just a couple, truth is that as the world comes closer, genres are intertwining with each other.Perhaps your favourite desi genre of music has a little bit of some world genre in it? Wrapped may also help the user discover the exact genre they enjoy listening to.
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What’s your favourite album: Whether it’s rock or lo-fi EDM, the right type of album is a ‘vibe.’ If you’re hooked on an album for whatever reason, get ready to find out your most streamed ones with Spotify Wrapped.
Your top podcasts and podcast genre: Podcast is becoming popular on Spotify each year, and the company has been signing deals with artists for exclusive series.If you developed an affinity for this medium in the last year, it would show up in your Wrapped.
Playlist of the year: Five songs or 50, the platform will keep the count of your most played songs.

Wrapped will present those sets of songs in a single playlist, created just for youNot just that, Spotify will also recommend a playlist with the music you’ll probably love but may have missed this year.
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