The wait is over. Virat Kohli’s 71st century finally came after 72 matches and 83 innings in international cricket. The celebration on reaching the landmark in Dubai was in un-Kohli fashion. There was no jumping in the air or pumping of the fists in an animated mood.
Rather it was quiet and restricted to a mere flexing of the biceps, followed by a wide grin as he lifted his bat to acknowledge the cheers. “(The) last two-and-ahalf years have taught me a lot. I am going to turn 34 in a month,” said Kohli at the end of the innings.
“So those angry celebrations are a thing of the past. Actually, I was shocked… This is the last format I thought to get a century. Today I batted out of my skin to be honest and really surprised myself.” This was also the former captain’s maiden century in T20Is. He admitted it was tough to have gone through this period of century drought.
“It was an accumulation of a lot of things. The team has been open and helpful. I know there was a lot of stuff going outside. 
“You see me standing here because one person has put things in perspective for me. That’s Anushka. This hundred is for her and for our little daughter Vamika as well. It’s nice when you have someone next to you having conversations, putting things in perspective, like Anushka has been…” Kohli remarked.
He reiterated that the near six-week break from cricket had helped him immensely. “When I came back, I was not desperate. Six weeks off, I was refreshed. I realised how tired I was. You don’t always realise it… Competitiveness doesn’t allow it, but this break allowed me enjoy the game again.”

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