KFC France distanced itself from comments from a senior executive saying the fast food chain may take legal action over Kylian Mbappe’s refusal to take part in some of the French national team’s sponsorship commitments.
Alain Beral, vice-president of KFC France, told a website that they were considering legal action, though he did not specify whether this would be against the player or the French Football Federation. “We have paid for something clear. If necessary, we will assert our rights,” said Beral.
KFC France, however, later said that Beral’s comments did not reflect the company’s views. “KFC France regrets the words that were spoken yesterday (Tuesday) and reported in the media this morning (Wednesday). These are personal opinions, but in no way reflect the position of the company,” it said in a statement.
“KFC France also wishes to clarify that Alain Beral did not speak on behalf of the company, but in the context ofa private conversation during an event related to his functions as president of the National Basketball League. Mbappe had refused to participate in a team photo shoot and sponsor activities scheduled as he did not want to endorse some brands, including fast food chains and betting companies, that have contracts with the national team.
During last year’s Euro2020 Cristiano Ronaldo discarded a Coca-Cola bottle during a post-match news conference and encouraged people to drink water instead. At the same tournament, Frenchman Paul Pogba, removed a bottle of Heineken from his sight. That was associated with his religious beliefs.
(Written with inputs from Reuters)

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