An Australian Broadcasting Corporation documentary, which delves into the lives of cricket legends Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar, will be released on YouTube on Saturday.
As batters, their styles were not particularly similar. Yet there were several connections between them — their aggression, their hunger for runs, their mental ability to maintain focus for hours on end and their deep love for the game.
Bradman always admired Tendulkar and clearly saw something he recognised, perhaps more than he said at the time. “I was very, very struck by his (Tendulkar’s) technique. I asked my wife to come and have a look at him. Because, I said, ‘I never saw myself play. But I feel this fellow is playing much the same as I used to play’,” he had famously said.
They met only once: on Bradman’s 90th birthday. The documentary looks into this remarkable bond between the two men, who always admired each other and reveals both were as nervous as the other about the meeting.
Bradman once said it was impossible to rate players of different eras. “If you’ve got a champion in one era, he would’ve been a champion in any other era,” he said.
“He would simply change himself to adapting rules and conditions. That’s why it’s so difficult to compare people in the game of cricket.” 
People from other walks of life have also spoken on the two legends.

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