The woman shared their weird experience on TikTok.

The woman shared their weird experience on TikTok.

In a strange incident, a couple removed their Alexa device from their house after it started talking on its own.

In a hilarious yet spooky-of-its-kind instance, a strange incident got the internet’s attention when a couple discovered their Alexa device engaging in a late-night conversation with their partners.According to a New York Post report, the woman named Jess through a TikTok video narrated the entire incident, stating that she found the smart device constantly speaking to her husband.Taken aback by the strange activities of the device as it continued speaking on its own, Jess called it “super weird.”

“This past weekend, I was out of town and Alexa kept going off and kept talking to my husband.He was playing video games at 1:00 AM and these things caught his attention.This is super super weird,” she said while explaining the entire incident in the video.However, the trouble didn’t end there.

The couple also found Alexa spontaneously talking back without receiving any promptsFrustrated by it, they eventually decided to throw the device out of the home.

“Now Alexa is officially evicted from our home,” Jess said, who found the unexpected behaviour suspicious and also got worried about the privacy and autonomy of the device in their household.

According to media reports, the TikTok video went viral and grabbed the attention of many, who also joined the conversation and shared stories of their own.Many shared interesting stories about their Alexa devices, stating that they have found the devices whispering, sending weird messages, or starting conversations on their own.

A user wrote, “I also caught my Alexa at 3 a.m.whispering to my dogs in the kitchen.I thought someone was in the house.I unplugged it.” Another commented, “I have them all over my house and we kind of use them for music and timers but I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that weird happen.”

While such sudden interventions in the middle of the night or when alone at home can turn out to be super creepy, one can resort to some basic things like setting ‘Do Not Disturb’ before going to sleep or unplugging it when not in use.The internet is filled with stories of people experiencing weird happenings with their smart devices.

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