West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday, September 4, disapproved of the recent comments by Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin on Sanatan Dharma, saying all should be careful of making any comment that might hurt the sentiments of the people of any religion.”I am not quite clear on why and on what grounds he made such comments.He is a junior politician.So I do not want to exactly condemn what he said.But at the same I would like to say that everyone should be careful of the comments that he or she makes that might hurt the sentiments of the people of any religion,” she said.Banerjee said that although she respects the people of Tamil Nadu and the entire south India, she does not agree with Udhayanidhi Stalin, the son of Chief Minister and DMK chief M.K.

Stalin, said about Sanatana Dharma.”We should also remember that every religion has its own sentimentsIndia is all about unity and diversity.So it is our duty not to hurt the sentiment of anyone,” she said.She also said that she has immense respect from the Sanatan Dharma and she believes that people have a lot to learn from the Vedas.”In West Bengal, we have arranged for financial assistance to Hindu priests,” the Chief Minister said.

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