The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), on Sunday, February 27, has activated a dedicated Twitter handle named “OpGanga Helpline” (@opganga), to assist Indian nationals in the evacuation from war-torn Ukraine.The mission to evacuate the stranded Indians from Ukraine has been named as “Operation Ganga”.India has already set up round-the-clock “control centres” in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia to assist in the evacuation of Indian nationals from Ukraine through border-crossing points with these countries.The helpline numbers of the control room in Poland are: +48225400000, +48795850877 and +48792712511.Those requiring help can also write an email to, according to the MEA.The helpline numbers of the control room in Romania are: +40732124309, +40771632567, +40745161631 and +40741528123.The email address for contacting the control room in Romania is MEA said Indians can contact the control room in Hungary on phone numbers +36 308517373, +36 13257742 and +36 13257743.It also has a WhatsApp number: +36 308517373 for assistance.The helpline numbers of the control room in Slovakia are +421 252631377, +421 252962916 and +421 951697560.The email address is×7 Control Centres set up to assist in the evacuation of Indian nationals through the border crossing points with Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovak Republic— OpGanga Helpline (@opganga) February 27, 2022Further, in its latest advisory, the embassy has asked the Indian citizens in areas of war-torn Ukraine, where a curfew has been imposed, to not venture towards railway stations until and unless the curfew is lifted.”Based on the latest input, intense fighting is underway in Kharkiv, Sumy, and Kyiv.It is reiterated, Indian nationals in these cities, and other cities wherever curfew has been applied, are NOT advised to venture towards railway stations until curfew has been lifted and considerable civilian movement is renewed,” the advisory read.The armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensified in the early hours of Thursday after Russian forces launched a major assault on Ukraine, firing missiles on cities and military installations and posing a serious danger to the Indian citizens residing there.Since then, India began evacuating its citizens from the war-torn region.The Indian Embassy, in a separate advisory earlier, had asked its nationals to move out of regions of active conflict and proceed towards the western regions.It said that Indian nationals are being evacuated from Ukraine through Romania and Hungary.”We are continuously exploring and working to open up more borders with neighboring countries for our citizens,” the advisory read.It also said that Ukrainian Railways is also operating special trains for evacuation of people free of charge, on a first come first serve basis at the railway station and for which tickets are not required.The Embassy added it is closely monitoring the developing situation especially in eastern regions of Ukraine.

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