You must have seen a few plants growing without soil. But have you ever seen whole farming without soil? Today we will tell you about a farmer who does the same. In addition to this, they are also contributing in a tiny way to sustaining vegetation in a city like Patna with the use of new technologies. This method can aid in maintaining the environment’s equilibrium if everyone in the town starts producing trees and plants with it.
The technique of cultivation without soil is called hydroponic, which requires water. Mohammad Javed, a resident of the Kankarbagh Colony, Patna, has prepared a small garden with the help of this technique.
Javed has been growing plants without soil successfully for many years. He has turned his home into a garden using the hydroponics technique. This technique is also called aquaculture in which the plant develops without soil. Plants grow from the minerals and nutrients dissolved in water.
Javed says that 30 years ago, he was working as an educator in Shri Krishna Vigyan Kendra, Patna. He left the job because of his interest in hydroponics. Later, he started working on the development of this method. After leaving the job, Javed developed Biofort M.
The solution is prepared by mixing one millilitre of Biofort M in one litre of water. Plants up to 30 to 40 cm tall from the solution continue to get nourishment for a year. To give a new dimension to hydroponic technology, he also made special organic fertilisers. This organic manure was prepared from pebbles, small pieces of stone, sand, etc. He uses pots, bottles, and waste materials to grow plants in them.
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