Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday, May 24, said that Kerala has one of the best records with respect to workers’ rights and is a role model complying with the principles of International Labour Organisation (ILO).In his address at an international conclave organised in Thiruvananthapuram by the ILO, he said that through this conclave, they will be commemorating the century-old history of the ILO’s association with India, and Kerala’s contributions in upholding its objectives and principles.”Kerala is being exceptional in protecting and advancing workers’ rights at a time when workers’ rights are waning worldwide.In terms of providing decent employment, forming unions, workers’ cooperatives, welfare boards and pension schemes, and ensuring inclusivity and the protection of migrant rights, Kerala has evolved as a role model.We comply with the main principles of the ILO, including the tripartite structure, in which the government, employers, and employees meet to resolve disputes,” he said.Vijayan also added that the right to work is upheld.”Child labour has been outlawed.We affirm protection against discrimination.Social security is ensured particularly with respect to women workers.Wage protection is offered.Workers grievances are resolved.They have the right to organise and form trade unions.Collective bargaining, and management participation is also available to our workers.All these are guaranteed by the state’s safety net,” he added.”Kerala is well renowned for its tripartite mechanism which operates in nearly all of its traditional sectors.The tripartite system is strengthened through the Industrial Relations Committees which are functional in not less than 12 sectors,” Vijayan said.He went on to point out that the Centre has introduced four new labour codes, and draft rules appropriate for Kerala have already been prepared for discussion in the state legislature.”Workers’ rights are part of Kerala’s public discourse and ensuring them is part of our legacy.We will continue to uphold them,” said Vijayan.

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