With the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent and people being cooped up inside their homes, many customers in India have taken to ordering everything from food to groceries online.Dunzo has released statistics that highlighted interesting facts about how the country used the delivery platform in 2021.

Over 17,000 people ordered groceries worth over Rs 1 lakh in a single month in 2021, according to Dunzo’s delivery trends for the year.The three quickest deliveries of 2021 include: Nandini Good Life toned milk in Hyderabad in 87 seconds, Head & Shoulders shampoo in Bengaluru in 86 seconds and Duke’s club soda in Mumbai in 97 seconds.The longest delivery was an ice cream delivered in Bengaluru, over a distance of 34 kilometres. 
The total amount of money that customers saved by using Dunzo this year, according to the company, was led by Bengaluru with Rs 14 crore, followed by Chennai with Rs 3 crore, Mumbai (Rs 2.6 crore) and Pune (Rs 1.4 crore).A Dunzo customer, Vishakha from Mumbai, was the most generous user of 2021, and tipped a delivery partner Rs 42,995. 
When it comes to groceries, bananas were the most ordered fruit of the year across cities, followed by apples in Bengaluru and Pune, and pomegranate in Chennai.Onion, potato and tomato were the most ordered vegetables on Dunzo in 2021.Coriander leaves were the most ordered herb across all cities. 

Coming to beverages, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai ordered more tea than coffee, while Chennai and Pune ordered more coffee than tea, the statistics showed. 
Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai preferred dosa batter over idli batter, while Delhi and Gurugram preferred idli batter over dosa batter. 
Earlier, Swiggy came out with its statistics for the year which showed that the country’s love for biryani seems intact as Indians ordered 115 plates of biryani per minute in 2021.Over 4.25 lakh new users made their Swiggy debut by ordering a chicken biryani, while the most binged snack of the year was samosa with about 5 million orders. 
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