Q) I have itching in the space between some of my toes.The doctor said it was a fungal infection.He asked me to apply an ointment, but I have seen only slight improvement.
First of all, you need to keep your feet dry.That means do not walk barefoot around the house and do not stand in water.Make sure you wear rubber slippers even when you are bathing or washing clothes.Henna is one of the best natural antifungals known to man and has been used since ancient times.Apply a paste of henna powder to the area between your toes for two hours once a week.After your bath, apply the appointment that the doctor has prescribed.

It takes about a month and a half for improvement to appear, so don’t get discouragedJust make sure you are not applying steroid creams as that will cause a resurgence of the infection once the cream is stopped.
Pregnancy kit
Q) My periods have been delayed by 18 days, but the home pregnancy test I used gave a negative result.Only one line appears on the slide.I don’t know what to do as I am anxious to get pregnant.
Please consult a doctor to find out exactly why this is happening.You might have performed the test incorrectly.You may need a pelvic scan and some blood tests.That way, you can narrow down the problem.

For example, it may be a malfunction of the reproductive system or a general endocrine problemAfter that, with the results, you will get a precise diagnosis, and appropriate treatment can be started.
Hard nails
Q) My toenails are tough.I find it very difficult to cut them.Sometimes, I have to pull the last bits off.
Before cutting your nails, you need to soak your feet in salted water for about 10 minutes.This softens the nails and makes them more malleable and easy to cut.It would help if you used a big nail cutter so that you don’t have to pull off the last bits of the nails.

If you find this challenging, you can always go to the beauty parlour and pay them to trim your nails.
Night drive
Q) When I drive at night, I see the lights of the vehicles coming from the opposite side like a haloIt is very distracting and disturbing.
This may occur because you have developed early cataracts.You need to go to an eye doctor and have a complete check-up.Also, evaluate your blood sugars and blood pressure to see if these are elevated.
Teeth care
Q) Is it alright to only brush your teeth in the morning before going out?
The teeth get cavities because of the degeneration of food stuck in the teeth, releasing acid.When you sleep at night without brushing your teeth, then this food stays there and starts disintegrating and releasing acids.This eats into the enamel of your teeth.You need to brush your teeth before going to sleep at night.

Do not eat anything after brushing your teethFlossing regularly is also a very good idea.The thread goes into the spaces between the teeth and removes any food particles that have lodged there.
Dance in heels
Q) I see movie stars dancing in stilettos, and I want to do it too.
Dancing in stilettos can be challenging, especially if you need to get used to wearing them.The high pointy heels can make movement and balance difficult.Make sure the shoes fit well.Practice walking around in them before attempting to dance.Warm up, do core strengthening exercises and strengthen your ankles.

Try lower, thicker heels or wedges first if you are a beginnerRemember, practice makes perfect.
The writer has a family practice at Vellore and is the author of Staying Healthy in Modern India.If you have any questions on health issues please write to yourhealthgm@yahoo.co.in

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