When a patient is brought into the Emergency at any hospital, they are usually in a very serious condition and in need of critical care.Often, it is also seen that such patients are in dire need of resuscitation – and this is a procedure that trained & experienced doctors and medical teams carry out frequently in the Emergency Department at Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata.We sat down with Dr Arijit Bose, Head and Senior Consultant at the Emergency Department at Apollo Hospitals to get a better understanding of the kind of care provided here.
When patients needed resuscitation are admitted into the Emergency department, the first thing that happens is teamwork.A team of competent and specifically trained doctors, nurses, and technicians get to work, simultaneously resuscitating, treating, and monitoring the patient.Speed, at this stage, is of the utmost importance to save the patient.Alongside these, the team also explores the possible causes of the patient’s condition, using Point of care tests, Ultrasound, and ECHO among others.As Dr Bose tells us, the most common cases that come to them are those of acute stroke, sepsis, acute heart attack and trauma.
The doctor goes on to give us some insights into acute stroke – a real emergency, globally, today.Patients suffering from acute stroke will usually present with inability to speak, to balance, or to control the arms or legs.These patients are treated on an urgent basis after admission, with investigations being completed in record time, to ensure patients are given the best possible chance of recovery.

Treatment for acute stroke at Apollo Hospital’s Critical Care unit also includes thrombolysis, a procedure earlier used only in the case of acute heart attackIts currently worldwide application for acute stroke patients has been yielding very favourable results.In fact, it has been seen that patients who may otherwise have suffered irreversible damage due to the stroke, have actually regained control, often within very short periods of time after the process of thrombolysis.Clots in the brain, caused by acute stroke, can also be retrieved using a special procedure performed in the cath lab, reversing much of the damage caused during the stroke.
Whether dealing with an unfortunate trauma or medical condition, Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata’s Critical Care team is always here to support you and provide the best medical care possible.
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