In today’s world, managers in every growing organization need to monitor their employees’ performance. Employees also need feedback on their efforts for their betterment. Productivity may suffer because of the lack of adequate performance assessment tools. However, comprehensive performance management software in India can assist you in achieving your organization’s goals and can also help to motivate employees.   What is Performance Management Software? Managers can assign targets and goals to teams using performance management software in India while keeping the organization’s objectives in mind. Also, employee involvement, appraisals, and feedback all can be improved with the help of this software.     Benefits Associated with Performance Management Software: 1. Empowerment of Employees One of the remarkable advantages of adopting performance management software in India is its autonomy in assessing employees’ performance. As a result, employees can use the technology to track their progress and understand how they are helping organizations’ long-term goals. 2. Constant and Continual Feedback Apart from empowering employees, performance management software also ensures that staff is evaluated regularly. Using this software, managers, and HR can provide relevant training and counseling to staff who requires it. 3. Appreciation and Acknowledgment Performance management tools, give businesses a one-of-a-kind tool for recognizing employees’ efforts. Performance management software in India can provide real-time information. Also, this information can be saved in the system and used to acquire insight. 4. Professional Development Opportunities Certain performance management software in India can provide relevant opportunities for employees’ professional growth. Businesses can also use this software to deliver career development training to their employees. 5. Increasing Employee Participation Finally, companies that use performance management software reap the enormous benefit of increased employee engagement. Employees can receive continual feedback through Performance Management Software in India.   Top 12 Performance Management Softwares in India 1. Trakstar Trakstar is a one-stop, integrated platform for businesses to regularly review and grow their teams and leadership. Companies can use Trakstar’s Performance Management service to produce and distribute performance reports. Your module can be personalized to your needs once you purchase it. The functionality and visually appealing interface of Trakstar are making it one of the best performance management software in India. Features: Trakstar’s performance management service provides a variety of reports to assist you in identifying top achievers. It contains goal-setting and goal-tracking tools. Also, this performance management software will provide you with 360-degree feedback in real-time. Pricing: Trakstar will cost you $4370 per year.   2. Reviewsnap The outstanding performance management software from Reviewsnap is the most versatile, comprehensive, and cost-effective online solution. The limited annual membership includes performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback, and monitoring. Reviewsnap has proven to be an excellent tool for improving employee communication, morale, and productivity. Features: E-signatures, automatic reminders, and email notifications are all available in Reviewsnap. It has features for recording and managing goals, measuring employee progress, as well as tracking accomplishments. It also features configurable appraisal forms. Pricing: It has got different pricing plan based on the usage starting from $3040 per year.   3. Namely Namely is comprehensive management software for HR and payroll. It offers mid-sized businesses in any industry a cloud-based solution. Namely keeps all of the employee information in one place. Also, it has the most advanced functionality for HR and Payroll and is simple to operate. Features: It allows you to define roles and duties, as well as store billing reports and documents. It can sync benefit deductions to payroll automatically. You can also use it to distribute company-wide announcements Price: The cost varies between $12 – $30 per employee per month.   4. BambooHR BambooHR’s HR services can help organizations of all sizes. Its employee evaluation software allows managers to compare the performance and involvement of the employees. It also provides an applicant tracking system as well as software for electronic signatures. Remember, it’s an easy-to-use solution that’s ideal for small enterprises. Features: It allows you to collaborate with management on goal-setting and monitoring. This HRM software has an employee database that keeps track of everything in one place. Reminders can also be sent automatically using this software. Price: BambooHR is currently available priced between $6.19-$8.25 per month.     5. SAP SuccessFactors SAP SuccessFactors is an HR, payroll, and analytics solution. It helps companies with hiring, development, process improvement, and compensation. Remember, this performance management software is cloud-based and offers HR solutions to businesses of all sizes. Features: There are almost 500 goals in the Goal Library. It will assist you in establishing standards. You may also update staff efforts using the mobile goal management function. It promotes conversation between employees and managers for continual performance improvement. Price: The monthly cost of SAP SuccessFactors will be $4.17 per user.     6. 15Five 15Five is a performance management system for employees. It increases employee engagement by regularly asking questions. Also, with 15Five, all reports and data can be stored in one place. It comes with a slew of handy tools as well as actions for dealing with feedback. Features: You’ll be able to plan and execute a 1-on-1 meeting with team members using 15Five. It includes a robust question bank as well as follow-up questions for a weekly check-in. Also, the feature of objectives and key results will keep the team focused, aligned, and engaged. Price: There are three price levels offered by 15Five from $7 onwards.   7. ClearCompany ClearCompany has served over 2000 clients in recruitment, workforce planning, and performance management. Also, in this software employees can celebrate personal accomplishments and peer acknowledgment. Annual evaluations, time-based reviews, as well as email reminders are part of the performance management module. Features: Customer service is extremely quick and responsive. Also, posting a job on various websites can easily be done using this software. Several third-party connectors are also available in this software. Price: You need to contact the company to learn more about the product pricing,   8. Oracle HCM Medium and big enterprises can use Oracle HCM’s cloud-based HR, Talent Management, and Workforce Management solutions. Key components of this software are recruitment, talent profile, as well as learning. Surprisingly, the product is easy to use and comprehensible. Features: You can define significant goals and share them with others. Candidates’ profiles and talent pools can easily be made accessible using this software. Also, it accurately records all employees’ time Price: The monthly fee for this software is $8 per user.   9. UltiPro UltiPro is a performance management software for human capital management. This cloud-based system aids HR, payroll, and talent management for businesses. Also, it has got many other features and capabilities such as employee engagement, employee benefits, and many more. Features: It assists with recruiting as well as gives employee surveys and sentiment analysis. The talent management system facilitates employee career growth and also provides a continual performance management procedure. It provides payroll administration, tax management, as well as compliance features. Price: Its price is based on the subscription model.   10. HRSoft HRsoft’s PERFORMview project management software is simple to use. It’s a system that runs on the cloud. The system also assists managers in bettering their relationships with their teams. This results in a more engaged and productive workforce. Features: It has 360-degree feedback and customized features for easy operation. Management can also get real-time reporting from the software. Price: You need to contact the company to learn more about the product pricing.   11. Engagedly Employee engagement is a component of Engagedly, a performance review platform. For all business sizes, it has got customized solutions.  Not only that, performance evaluations, actual feedback, and recognition are all incorporated in this software. Features: It has a user-friendly performance management system. It also allows you to provide one-on-one feedback in real-time. The goal-setting module with cascading goals will allow you to define and monitor your objectives. Price: The monthly cost of this performance management software will be $5 per user.   12. PeopleFluent PeopleFluent provides cloud-based personnel acquisition, talent management, and learning solutions. It also automates the process of performance management. Also, the talent management system of PeopleFluent is integrated and comprehensive. Features: You may link staff with the organization’s goals to boost productivity. Compensation, succession planning, and learning solutions can also be linked with talent management. It has an easy-to-use administration tool as well that aids in the automation of the performance management process. Price: You need to contact the company to learn more about the product pricing,   Conclusion This was all about the many types of performance management software in India. Remember before deciding on any performance management software, you must analyze all aspects of it and suitability for your business.   Liked this article? Then read more:


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