Domino’s Pizza on Monday, March 6, launched its 20-minute delivery service in Bengaluru.The announcement was made by Jubilant Foodworks, which operates the Domino’s brand.The pizza giant is set to change the game for quick-service restaurants (QSR) in Bengaluru by guaranteeing delivery within 20 minutes from the point that the customer places the order, the company said in a statement.Domino’s has an established track record of fast delivery, and has pioneered 30-minute delivery.The company said it has achieved this by enhancing in-store process improvements, upgrading technology, and expanding its store network.”All of these efforts have spawned a more efficient overall delivery process without compromising the quality of the food or the safety of its delivery riders,” the company said.The 20-minute delivery service will be available at 170 Domino’s restaurants across Bengaluru.The company further claimed that it is providing training and sensitisation to its delivery personnel to ensure their safety and well-being.”At Domino’s, we are committed to providing the best pizza-eating experience to our customers.Introducing the 20-minute delivery in Bengaluru is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

By using analytics, insights, and technology, we are able to give our customers hotter, fresher, and tastier pizzas than ever before,” the statement added. In December 2022, Domino’s had said that it plans to significantly ramp up its retail network in India as it counts on the growing appetite for its products in its biggest market outside the USA by store countAs part of the plan, Jubilant said it will add another 1,300 stores across the country, taking its store count to 3,000.

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