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BMC Issues Notice to Rishi Kapoor For Trimming a Tree in His Compound BMC Issues Notice to Rishi Kapoor For Trimming a Tree in His Compound

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Rishi Kapoor is the latest celebrity to come under the radar of BMC. The veteran actor has received a notice from BMC for axing a Banyan tree in his bungalow.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation has sent a notice to the actor for trimming a tree in his compound more than the permitted level and for removing all its branches. The BMC is taking it as a serious offense and is expecting a police inquiry against the actor and a contractor under the Maharashtra Protection and Preservation of Trees Act".

The tree was planted in his Krishna Raj bungalow, for which he has been issued a notice.

The actor was doing some construction work in his house, for which he took permission from BMC for trimming the tree so that it cannot obstruct movement of heavy machines during piling work. A leading daily has quoted him saying, "I am not supposed to be at the site all the time and am unaware of it. The contractor may have done it unintentionally, how come I am responsible for it? I am just being victimised unnecessarily time and again by some vested interests. I am seeking legal recourse to put an end to this harassment."

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